Katie Ring

Katie Ring

Katie is a self-defense instructor, martial artist, and former D1 athlete who started her TikTok and Instagram profiles (@the.self.defense.girl) after a man assaulted twenty women in San Francisco and had still not been arrested. The police and justice system weren't stopping this man and Katie knew she needed to find a way to teach as many women as possible how to defend themselves. Since then, she has built a community focused on empowering women through self-defense. The scary truth is that you can't always count on cops or a good samaritan being there to help you, we have to be our own first responders! When she is not teaching women how to kick ass, you can find her traveling, snowboarding, cooking, playing any and every competitive sport, and spending time with her loved ones.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with the tools you need to feel confident and secure wherever life takes you. With Fazer Defense, you can take control of your safety like never before.

Product is best for:

  • Nurses
  • Females
  • Students
  • Runners
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Fazer Defense Features: 

  • Military-grade precision
  • With an impressive reach of up to 18 feet
  • Fazer activates a 125 decibel alarm and blinding lights
  • Fazer spray deploys an invisible dye, which can be used by law enforcement to identify your attacker
  • With automatic location tracking, your emergency contacts will be notified of your whereabouts

Use code THESELFDEFENSEGIRL at checkout page.