See Why Thousands Choose Fazer

Fazer Self Defense Pepper Spray with x7 More Advanced Features Than Regular Pepper Spray

Introducing the revolutionary Fazer Self Defense Pepper Spray - the ultimate personal protection device on the market! Designed with military-grade precision, this patented product (US patent no. D941951) boasts unmatched stopping power to keep you safe from harm.

With an impressive reach of up to 18 feet, Fazer pepper spray is highly accurate, ensuring you can protect yourself from a safe distance. When sprayed, Fazer activates a 125 decibel alarm and blinding lights to disorient attackers, giving you a crucial window of opportunity to escape to safety. Plus, with automatic location tracking, your emergency contacts will be notified of your whereabouts, ensuring they can come to your aid.

But that's not all - Fazer also deploys an invisible dye, which can be used by law enforcement to identify your attacker. And, thanks to its compact, lightweight design, Fazer is incredibly easy to carry and use in any situation. With a range of accessories, including jogging straps and belt clips, you can keep Fazer close at hand wherever you go, ensuring that you are always protected.

Don't leave your personal safety to chance - upgrade to Fazer Self Defense Pepper Spray today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the ultimate protection against harm.

Smart Self Defense

When sprayed, Fazer defense personal protection spray automatically sends your location to your emergency contacts, notifying them you are in danger.Fazer Defense holds up to five (5) emergency contacts in the FREE APP. Set up is EASY and takes 5 minutes. When activated, Fazer will send a text and voice message with your GPS location to them when deployed against an attacker.

14 Total Sprays

Our Fazer comes with 14 total sprays that include invisible dye to identify your attacker.

GPS & Location Tracking

Fazer Defense comes with additional features that make it the ultimate personal protection device. There are no additional fees after purchase and our app is free. Set up takes 5 minutes and is easy to do. If you need to use the pepper spray against an attacker, the lights, sirens, and pepper spray are activated automatically, at the same time. Your emergency contacts are also notified, so they can come to your aid. Once activated, all you need to do is press to defend yourself and run.