Police pepper spray

Police Pepper Spray for Your Personal Protection on the Go

With so many pepper sprays, also known as mace sprays, on the market it can be next to impossible to find one in which you can feel confident. Pepper spray is something that you never want to have to use, but if you do it absolutely has to work. Fazer is the ultimate personal protection device complete with police-grade pepper spray foam that when paired with the alarm system, GPS locator, flashing lights, and automated texting system is designed to keep you safe no matter the circumstance.


What's In Police-Grade Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is made from oleoresin capsicum (OC) which is derived from very hot peppers. When the spray makes contact with skin and eyes, it causes severe burning and causes the assailant to close their eyes, making an attack much more difficult if not impossible. Police pepper spray is non-lethal, but with instant effects that can last over 45 minutes, it gives the victim plenty of time to get away and contact the police. 

In standard mace spray, the University of Utah found that there was a 30% failure rate due to heat inconsistency when manufacturing the OC spray. You wouldn't accept a 30% failure rate with a surgeon or a 30% reduction in your paycheck, so why should you have to settle for pepper spray that may only work 70% of the time. With Fazer's police pepper spray, you can feel confident that you're equipped to fend off an attacker 100% of the time. 


Benefits of Police-Grade Pepper Spray

Spray Range

Standard market pepper spray typically has a range of only 10 feet, meaning that the attacker is still relatively close to the victim when the mace is used. With Fazer's police-grade mace spray, that distance is nearly doubled with a spray range of up to 18 feet. You shouldn't have to fight and the Fazer gives you the chance to spray and run without ever having to make physical contact. 

Reduced Risk of Blowback

With standard pepper spray, the risk of blowback is a real concern. The last thing that you want during an attempt to fend off an attacker is for a gust of wind to blow the spray back into your face. Because Fazer uses police pepper spray with a high-quality and pressure nozzle, the risk of blowback is greatly reduced so you can know that even on a windy day you'll be safe. 

OC Pepper Spray Foam That Sticks to the Attacker

Similar to pepper spray gel, pepper spray foam which is used in the Fazer, sticks to the attacker better than a standard spray. The foam coats the attacker's face and is reliable even in close quarters giving you the chance to get away and for friends who were altered by the GPS system a chance to contact the authorities.


Get Police Pepper Spray Today

Taking your safety into your hands is as simple as ordering a Fazer and keeping it with you on late night walks, early morning runs, or day-to-day activities. Get your Fazer Defense today!