Personal Safety Tips When Traveling Alone

Tips To Increase Your Personal Safety When Traveling Alone

You already know that traveling alone can bring increased risks, which is part of why we advocate non-lethal self-defense tactics such as Fazer Pepper Spray Foam. However, that doesn't mean you should always avoid it. At Fazer Defense, we know that all too well. So follow these tips to boost your chances of having a safe and fun solo trip.


Blend In With Others

You probably already know that you should be aware of your surroundings when you are out alone. Did you also know that it's a good idea to try and blend in with them as much as possible? It's true. Drawing attention to yourself as an outsider can make you appear like an easy target for would-be thieves or attackers.

Resist the temptation to flash valuables when you are out. Instead, leave them home or lock them up in the hotel safe if that's an option.


Limit Social Media Posts

Posting your whereabouts and activities on social media is increasingly common, but sharing so much information with perfect strangers carries some risk. For example, you could inadvertently give a potential attacker your location or even information about when you plan to leave and where you are going next.

If you are going to share your location with anyone, try to limit that information to emergency contacts only. This way, someone you trust knows where you will be and when to expect you home.


Be Prepared To Respond

It's a good idea to have a plan in place just in case things go wrong. After all, even if you are extra careful, you may still find yourself facing a potentially dangerous situation. Pepper spray foam is an excellent tool to disable an attacker from a distance, giving you a chance to get to safety.


Take Charge of Your Personal Safety With Fazer Pepper Spray Foam

Fazer Defense is a leader in non-lethal self-defense products. Our Fazer Pepper Spray Foam can disable an attacker from up to 15 feet away while also alerting your assigned emergency contacts to your location. Visit us online to learn more and take control of your safety.


Personal Protection Gets Real 


Enjoy your runs, your walks, your rambles through town or country with personal protection that truly delivers. Fazer Pepper Spray Foam has multiple levels of defense including military-grade pepper spray that streams accurately as far as 15 feet. This is self-protection kicked up a notch.

How Fazer Pepper Spray Foam Works

At Fazer Defense, we take your safety seriously. So we added a few extras to the traditional pepper spray canister to create a total personal defense device. As soon as you trigger the pepper spray the following happens:

  1. Your GPS location is texted to up to five emergency contacts. 
  2. Three blinding lights plus a strobe go off to disorient your attacker.
  3. An ear-piercing 125-decibel alarm alerts bystanders.
  4. It shoots invisible dye that can be seen with a black light towards your attacker.

This defense system increases your chances of surviving an attack unscathed and the chances that the perp will be caught.

How To Use It

Carry Fazer Pepper Spray Foam with you whenever you venture out alone or any time you think you might be vulnerable. We designed it to tuck nicely into a purse or backpack. It comes with a carrying case as well for another option. If you plan to take it with you regularly, take the time to figure out the quickest access point.

As soon as your Fazer spray arrives, decide who your contacts will be. Think about who is responsible enough to call 911 for you and come to your aid, if needed. Talk to them before you sign them up and make sure they are one hundred percent on board.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the actual spray mechanism. Fazer Defense understands that pepper spray causes harm, therefore we have a protective cap to discourage accidental release.

Learn more about Fazer Defense and order your pepper spray today.


Fazer Pepper Spray Foam

Peace of mind is a priceless gift, especially when it comes from knowing your friend or loved one is safe. Fazer Pepper Spray Foam provides an effective defense against an assailant, as Fazer Defense has given traditional pepper spray an upgrade. As a foam, the release contains fewer fumes and reduces the potential for blowback and complications with the user. This formula also makes it harder for the attacker to follow through with the attack, as the instinct to try and wipe the foam from the face will only worsen the burning and discomfort.

An Upgraded Pepper Spray

The Fazer Pepper Spray Foam has taken self-defense to the next level. In addition to the military-grade foam released from the canister, a built-in GPS tracker automatically alerts up to five emergency contacts once the foam has been deployed. The signal is released without effort from the victim, and the instant delivery of both a text message and phone call can provide first responders and worried friends or family the real-time information needed to get help on the scene.

Additionally, the canister is also equipped with three brilliant LED lights that flash and release 100 lumens in the direction of the assailant. This blinding light pattern can help disorient the attacker, but the incredibly loud (125 decibels) alarm that is triggered creates another layer of confusion while alerting those nearby of the need for help. This pepper spray foam is the perfect companion for anyone who wants an extra layer of safety and security when moving about their day.


Order Your Fazer Defense Pepper Spray Foam

This pepper spray foam is ideal for both women and men as a defense option. It is easy to use but delivers professional help in a tense and dangerous situation. Don’t gamble your life on an alternate defense solution. Order your Fazer Defense foam today.


 A Non-Lethal Response To Minimize Threats 

Everyone wants to be as safe and sound as possible. However, some people are more comfortable carrying weapons than others. Even with adequate training and practice, it can be nerve-racking to have a deadly weapon that can be used against you or others in a worst-case scenario. To minimize your fears of carrying deadly weapons, Fazer Pepper Spray Fog is an option for a non-lethal threat deterrent that can bring you peace of mind.

The Benefits of Fazer Defense

Just because our pepper spray is a non-lethal response to an attack doesn't mean that it isn't efficient in providing you with a comprehensive personal defense system that will keep you safe. Fazer is more than just a pepper spray.

  • Pepper fog doesn't quickly clear and continues to impact the assailant
  • Alerts up to five emergency contacts with messaging when sprayed 
  • Covers assailant in invisible dye to help police identify and prosecute 
  • Sets off an alarm that deafens threat and alerts people you need help 
  • Strobes 100 lumens of lights to create a beacon and to blind the attacker 

The Benefits of Non-Lethal Response 

Everyone has a different story to tell. No matter your background, we want you to feel comfortable protecting yourself. It doesn't matter how many classes or permits you have if you never feel comfortable using the weapon you have for whatever reason. We understand that part of that reasoning might be the desire not to injure another person critically,  no matter the situation. Fazer Pepper Spray Fog is a military-grade paper spray with technology that immobilizes aggressors by limiting sight, movement, and orientation.

No matter who you are or your story, you deserve to be safe and feel secure protecting yourself. The Fazer system is a comprehensive approach to personal protection that anyone can use. Learn more about the Fazer Pepper Spray Fog to increase your own line of defense today.

Top Reasons To Use Fazer Pepper Spray Fog for Your Defense Needs

Do you like to spend time jogging, walking or hiking by yourself? If so, you’re probably keenly aware of the fact that you’re especially vulnerable when there is no one else with you in the great outdoors. Even when you’re walking down your own neighborhood streets at night, you’re wise to be on high alert to what’s going on around you. If you want to feel more secure and prepared to defend yourself against someone with bad intent, carry pepper spray with you. Here are the top reasons to use Fazer pepper spray fog for your self-defense needs.


Some pepper sprays are not very accurate and make it hard to target your attacker. Fazer pepper spray fog does not have that problem. It is accurate up to 15 feet, which makes it an exceptional choice for self-defense purposes.

Deafening Alarm

Often, attackers try to quickly silence their victims by covering their mouths or knocking them out. They prefer to do their foul deeds without drawing any attention. Fortunately, the Fazer Defense spray bottle has a deafening 125-decibel alarm that can alert bystanders of your situation while stunning your attacker.

GPS Tracking Capability

One of the most notable features of Fazer pepper spray is that it offers GPS tracking technology that will alert as many as five of your emergency contacts of your whereabouts.

Invisible Dye That Shows Up Under Black Light

Thanks to the invisible dye in Fazer pepper spray fog, the likelihood of your attacker being caught and prosecuted is increased. The dye only shows up under black light.

Disorienting Lights

Another unique feature of Fazer Defense spray is that the bottle features three blinding lights that can disorient your attacker. The lights can also help you get the attention of bystanders.

Get Your Fazer Pepper Spray Fog

If you have been looking for a pepper spray that offers optimal protection, consider Fazer pepper spray fog. There is arguably no better fog for your self-defense needs.



3 Elements of Self-Defense 

Self-defense is the ability to ward off an attacker on your own if faced with one. It is essential for everyone to know regardless of initial strength or size. With the proper defense techniques and tools, such as Fazer Pepper Spray Fog, someone can overpower someone much larger or stronger than them. Here are three elements of self-defense.

1. Confidence

Confidence is often cited as one of the first tools you can use for self-defense. Someone who is out to rob someone, for example, will often target those who look lost or confused since they believe that these people are easier to surprise. By appearing aware of your surroundings, even when you are not, you are protecting yourself from a possible attack. Avoid staring at your mobile phone and maintain good posture when walking.

2. Other People

If possible, walk with another person or a group of people if you need to be out late at night or need to travel through an unfamiliar area. A lone attacker is much less likely to target someone who is surrounded by others. If this is not possible, talk on the phone with someone while you are traveling by yourself. A would-be criminal may hesitate if they know that someone on the other end of the line will know what is going on. In addition, have some emergency contacts on your smartphone ready to call if the need arises.

3. Items

Items such as pepper spray can also be helpful in the event that someone is attempting to rob or attack you. It is important that you know how to use these tools, however, and keep them out of the hands of the perpetrator.

Fazer Defense sells pepper spray and other items that you can carry on your person for self-defense. Contact us today if you are considering bolstering your ability to defend yourself.




Key Features in Fazer Pepper Spray Fog Products

Have you ever wondered if all pepper spray brands are created equal? A quick inspection of different pepper spray canisters will reveal that the answer is “definitely not!” When it comes to your personal safety, it’s important to have a self-defense tool that you can confidently use to deter predators from coming near you. Fazer pepper spray fog is just such a tool. Here are some of the key features that make Fazer Defense spray fog canisters different (in the best possible way!)

Accurate Pepper Spray Stream

Some pepper spray streams are not very accurate or can’t reach very far. This can make it challenging to spray someone who is trying to assault you accurately. Fortunately, Fazer Defense pepper spray is highly accurate. The stream is accurate as far as 15 feet, which is exactly what you need when trying to prevent someone from getting close enough to hurt you.

Disorienting Alarm

Another unique feature of Fazer pepper spray fog is its 125-decibel alarm. The volume of this alarm will stun your attacker and alert bystanders to your predicament.

Blinding Light

Someone can’t assault you if they can’t see you. This pepper spray fog features three blinding lights that you can aim at your attacker. Combined, the lights offer 100 lumens of disorienting illumination, making it difficult for any predator to see what is going on. Temporarily blind your attacker so you can quickly escape.

GPS Tracking

Perhaps the best feature of Fazer Defense pepper spray is that it can track your location and report it to up to five emergency contacts. If you are in trouble, you can use the pepper spray canister to send a voice message and text to your emergency contacts so they can find you or call emergency responders and direct them to your location.

Order Your Fazer Pepper Spray Fog

If you’re serious about your safety, you should carry Fazer pepper spray fog with you whenever you go somewhere alone. Order today from Fazer Defense.