Personal Alarm

Feel Safe With the Best Personal Alarm for Self Defense

You shouldn't have to walk home at night feeling scared for your safety. If you do encounter a situation that feels unsafe, the last thing you want to do is get into a physical fight. You never know what sort of weapon your attacker has or what their goal is. Instead, the best thing to do for your own personal safety is to stun and confuse your assailant through loud noise and flashing lights. 

The Fazer Defense system is an all-in-one personal alarm designed to be the ultimate tool to bring with you on the go. It combines an alarm, GPS and automatic notification to emergency contacts, police-grade pepper spray, blinding strobe lights, and an invisible dye. 


125 Decibel Personal Alarm

At 125 decibels, the Fazer is one of the loudest personal safety alarms and is about as loud as your favorite rock concert. That's enough to surprise and confuse anyone. When set off, the alarm will disorient your attacker and draw attention from those around, giving you the opportunity to call out for help and send the assailant on their way. 


GPS & Bluetooth Enabled 

With Fazer Defense, you can add up to five emergency contacts who will receive a text and voice message with your location pinpointed on Google Maps when you set off the alarm. You don't need to worry about fumbling around with your phone to call for help because at the simple touch of a button the Fazer does it for you. 


Blinding Strobe Lights

The Fazer is built with three blinding lights which when combined are 100 lumens in strength, more than enough to blind an attacker and light your way through a dark area. For reference, an iPhone flashlight is estimated to be about 40 to 50 lumens. Opt for a single bright light or a strobe to continue disorienting an attacker.


Police-Grade Pepper Spray

If the personal alarm and the blinding lights aren't enough to deter someone, the Fazer is also equipped with police-grade pepper spray which will inevitably stock the attacker in their tracks. With a spray distance of 18 feet, you don't need to worry about getting close enough to aim, simply point, spray, and run away. 


Invisible Dye

While many safety alarms are good in the moment, if the attacker gets away the fear constantly remains that they may come back. The Fazer is equipped with an invisible dye that can only be seen with a blacklight. This dye can be used as an ID verification method by the police. 


Invest in a Self Defense Alarm Today

Feel safe doing the things you love most, knowing that the world's best personal alarm device is in your pocket. You deserve to do the things you love without fear. Whether that's a run after dark, a sunrise hike, a night on the town, or simply running out to get groceries, the Fazer Defense has your back. Get your Fazer today for a safer tomorrow.