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Legal, Effective Pepper Spray For Runners Everywhere

Whether you’re looking to stay safe while out for a jog, looking for safety out on the trail, in a new city and needing basic security, or anything of the sort; Fazer Defense has you covered.

We combined maximum strength pepper foam spray with common SOS self-defense tools to make sure that no matter where you go or what happens, your safety is a guarantee. Learn more about our self-defense kit.



Legal Self Defense For Everyone To Benefit From

Learn more about the features of Fazer Defense’s pepper spray and how we prioritize your safety, above all else.

Police Grade Pepper Spray

Our pepper foam spray is designed for maximum strength and efficiency to counter any danger that may come against you while you’re out. It reaches up to distances of 18 feet, ensuring that you can maintain a safe distance between yourself and your attacker.

GPS & Bluetooth Technology

Using the app, Fazer Defense allows you to notify your loved ones immediately in the event of any trouble. Pairing your phone with the Fazer Defense mobile app allows you to select up to 5 emergency contacts to receive a text & voice message with a Google Map pinpointing your location via GPS & Bluetooth.

Three Blinding Lights

Our pepper spray contains three blinding lights and a strobe light. They make up a combined total of 100 lumens - more than enough to disorient an attacker and deter them from taking action against you.

A Deafening 125 Decibel Alarm

Fazer Defense pepper spray also includes a deafening 125-decibel alarm. This stuns and disorients an attacker while simultaneously alerting bystanders that you are potentially in danger.

Fazer Invisible Dye

In the event that a predator escapes, our pepper spray comes with Fazer Defense’s Invisible UV marking dye that is only visible via blacklight. This greatly increases the chances of an attacker being caught and prosecuted in the aftermath.



Why Fazer Defense?

In this day and age, we understand the need for some form of self-defense. Often, the first self-defense tool to come to mind is a gun. However, the extreme potential of wielding a gun can be scary for some to consider, prompting the need for legal weapons to carry for self-defense.

For Fazer Defense, this means taking personal safety to the next level. Instead of one feature, our small pepper spray for runners includes a variety of security features designed to throw off any potential assailants. It’s our goal to ensure that you can feel safe wherever you go.



Empower Yourself Today

Fazer Defense is the #1 trusted brand when it comes to the best self-defense for runners on the market. Your safety is our priority. Stop wondering “is self-defense legal?” and instead, purchase Fazer Defense pepper spray today.


A Lot More Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pepper Spray legal?

Legally, pepper spray can be purchased in all 50 states. Some states have age restrictions and regulate the maximum allowed strength. To find out about restrictions in your state, visit this website:

Can Pepper Spray go through TSA?

TSA states: “One 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) container of mace or pepper spray is permitted in checked baggage provided it is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Self-defense sprays containing more than 2 percent by mass of tear gas (CS or CN) are prohibited in checked baggage.”

How does Pepper Spray work?

Pepper spray is a chemical that inflames the mucus membranes in the eyes, throat, and lungs. The inflammatory agent causes immediate closing of the eyes, difficulty breathing, coughing, and runny nose.

Is Pepper Spray effective?

Fazer Defense spray is very effective and is designed with all the stops! With its 125-decibel alarm, blinding lights with 100 lumens, invisible dye, and GPS technology - it’s one of the most effective on the market!

When does Pepper Spray expire?

Most pepper sprays last up to 2 years from their manufacture date. Our pepper spray, Fazer Defense, has a 4-year shelf life!

Will Pepper Spray work on dogs?

The effects of pepper spray will disable a canine just the same as a human attacker.

How many uses do you get with Fazer Defense Pepper Spray?

There are 14 total sprays with Fazer Defense Spray

Can you press the emergency button without triggering the spray?

Yes! Unlike most pepper sprays, with Fazer Defense, you can use all of the emergency features without triggering the spray!

How does the invisible dye work?

The invisible dye is mixed in with the pepper spray so that when it marks an attacker, police will easily be able to identify the suspect with a black light.

Up to 5 emergency contacts

GPS & Bluetooth

Up to 5 emergency contacts

Up to 5 emergency contacts get a text & voice message with a google map pinpointing your location via GPS & Bluetooth.

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