Why Pepper Spray Should Be A Constant in Your Jogging Safety Checklist

A shocking 60% of female joggers report harassment on their routine runs. This culture of fear turns an exercise meant to relieve stress into a minefield of anxiety for women across the country.

Sure, practicing jogging safety like carrying personal alarms, jogging during daylight, and location sharing relieves some of the anxiety surrounding stepping on the trail. But somehow, that doesn't feel like enough anymore.

That's because we've seen countless missing persons or violent crime cases that begin with a woman strapping on her jogging shoes. We can't help but wonder, "What if that was me?"

We need to make a critical decision on how to best protect ourselves as we step on the trail. Read on to learn more about why pepper spray is the best decision for you when adding a self-defense tool to your jogging checklist.

Why Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray has the three essential elements of self-defense that stand out against other products for women.

Pepper spray is lightweight, non-lethal, effective from a distance, and uses an inflammatory agent. How are these features tailored to the female jogger?

Well, the inconvenience of a bulky taser, for example, might deter you from bringing it on every run. Though we understand the struggle, you should focus on practicing jogging safety every time you lace up. That is because you don't know when you may encounter danger.

Unlike its cumbersome alternatives, pepper spray offers protection and convenience for active individuals. Pepper spray itself is lightweight and fits in compact containers.

Most pepper sprays for joggers fit inside a pocket, fanny pack, or clip onto clothes. Some options are even small enough to fit inside a ring, but lack reusability.

Pepper spray is also helpful for joggers because it is non-lethal. Not all harassers are life-threatening. Using lethal self-defense in a non-life-threatening situation will only hurt yourself. It can lead to legal trouble and cause life-long trauma. 

You have other non-lethal self-defense options including an extendable baton, kubotan, and taser. But, to capitalize on these tools an attacker must be within arm's length.

For women especially, an arm's length is too close, especially because male attackers have longer arms than women. Allowing an attacker to come that close decreases your chance of escape.

Pepper spray is the only non-lethal option that can subdue an attacker from a distance. Fazer Defense's GPS tracking pepper spray can subdue an attacker up to fifteen feet away.

Even if close contact weren't an issue, self-defense tools that use pain are unreliable. Your use of force may not be enough to subdue a large person with whose pain tolerance is high.

Moreover, most attacks are premeditated. An attacker who plans ahead is more likely to wear protective garments such as thick clothing, gloves, and a sports cup.

Pepper spray solves that problem by using capsaicin. Capsaicin is a natural ingredient found in many peppers and plants. In pepper spray, it acts as an inflammatory agent, causing temporary blindness and burning of the eyes, nose, and throat.

Women who use pepper spray against an attacker ensure their escape by avoiding using lethal, pain-reliant force and keeping a safe distance.

Legal Self Defense in America

Not all self-defense options are created equal. While you want to protect yourself while you jog, carrying and using some tools can lead to legal trouble.

The last thing you want is to receive a lawsuit from the person who attacked you. You should research the laws in your state before making a decision. But, understanding general restrictions may help direct your choice.

Restrictions on Other Products Vary

Many pepper spray alternatives are non-lethal, but using them could create grave consequences. So, some states have placed restrictions on them despite their non-lethal status.

Police can carry tasers in all states, but they need to pass initial and upkeep training. But, only 45 states allow civilians to carry and use tasers. In some of the states where tasers are legal, restrictions for purchase and carry apply.

These restrictions exist because, unlike police officers, civilians do not receive taser training. So, the chances of misuse of tasers are higher for civilians, which can cause a heart attack or death.

Similarly, other non-lethal self-defense options are dangerous if misused. This includes extendable batons, kubotans, and a variety of knives. Depending on your state, these tools may be illegal or restricted.

Before choosing a self-defense option for your runs, you must conduct thorough research. You don't want an altercation to lead to damages you may be liable for. Not to mention the emotional toll hurting someone may cause you.

Pepper Spray Is Legal and Safe

Pepper spray is the only self-defense option that is legal in all 50 States. Unlike your other choices, anyone can buy it without a license or background check.

Pepper spray is natural and harmless. So, it is the gold standard for non-lethal self-defense in the United States.

Despite its strong effects, pepper spray wears off in a flash. Within minutes to an hour, the effects of pepper spray begin to wane. Breathing eases, eyesight returns, and most people experience no long-lasting issues.

Unlike other self-defense tools, you won't hesitate to use pepper spray for fear of legal backlash or lasting regret. That split-second decision is the difference between life and death. Carry pepper spray so you can always come home.

Protection From the Wild

Human attackers are not the only variables we should consider when preparing for a jog. Outdoor jogging with your dog and by yourself also has risks.

If you run with your dog, you may encounter other unfriendly animals on the trail. Even other dogs are potential aggressors.

If a wild animal attacks your pet, you can protect them and save a trip to the vet with pepper spray.

Moreover, jogging alone still leaves you vulnerable to the wild. Reflective gear could draw attention to yourself and agitate wild animals. You may attract their attention more if you bring drinks and snacks on your jogs.

Avoid being the victim of a wild animal attack with pepper spray. Proven effective against dogs and wild animals such as bears, pepper spray keeps you safe on outdoor trails.

Jogging Safety in the 21st Century

Devices we rely on like cell phones have transformed in the 21st century. So, why shouldn't our self-defense tools follow suit? We asked the same question when we began our mission to help fight sex and human trafficking.

Now, Fazer Defense is leading the charge in technology-integrated pepper spray products. First, we combined pepper spray with standard jogging protection features.

Our product features a 125-decibel alarm and 100-lumen strobe light. These functions aid in signaling for help and disorienting your attacker. Our pepper spray also emits a blacklight dye that helps police I.D. your attacker after they flee.

Fazer's GPS Tracking Pepper Spray is also enabled with BlueTooth, GPS. These features keep you safe by keeping you connected.

We combine pepper spray with the technology you use every day through our state-of-the-art free app. When you download the app, you can connect your pepper spray to your phone via Bluetooth. Then, you may choose up to five emergency contacts who receive a notification of your location if you deploy your pepper spray. 

Bundled in a compact design, our modern pepper spray is more than bottled capsaicin. It is an all-in-one tool designed to protect independent women on the go.

Learn More About Jogging Safety Today

Overall, pepper spray proves to be the best choice for women as they optimize their jogging safety checklist.

Pepper spray is light enough to carry on every jog, keeping you protected at all times. It also keeps your attacker at bay because it works from a safe distance.

Furthermore, you won't hesitate to use pepper spray because it is non-lethal and doesn't rely on pain. The lack of worry provides life-saving seconds during confrontations. This is crucial when you are experiencing attacks from humans or protecting your and your pet from non-human aggressors. 

Finally, your options have evolved with the digital age. Now, your pepper spray is a safety device with many uses. You no longer need a flashlight, alarm, and spray. Our product provides all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

You also can stay connected and share your location with loved ones through our app. Check out our blog to learn more about how Fazer Defense pepper spray can protect you while you jog.

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