When Is Pepper Spray Age Appropriate to Carry?

Nationwide, a shocking 81% of women experience some form of sexual assault throughout their life. This includes attacks by family, friends, strangers, bosses, and more. With statistics this high, it may feel like there is nothing you can do to protect yourself, but believe it or not, you can.

Carrying self-defense weapons, such as pepper spray, is the best way to protect yourself against any potential attacks. But when should women begin taking these protective measures? When is self-defense age-appropriate? 

The answers to these questions are a vital part of self-defense education and they will ensure you or your children are as safe as possible. Want to dive deeper into these questions and answers? Keep reading, it is all below. 

What Is Pepper Spray? 

If you're new to the world of self-defense, pepper spray may be a blurry subject for you. You probably know what it is, but what about the specifics. Pepper spray is a non-lethal spray that contains an inflammatory ingredient. 

When sprayed, it will irritate and burn the eyes, nose, or mouth of the target; causing severe pain. This effect gives women enough time to break free from their attacker and run to safety/help. Pepper spray is a great solution for women under the concealed carry age and those who do not want to take a life. 

How to Use it?

With such a big effect, using pepper spray may seem a little daunting at first. But it is fairly simple once it is all said and done. In fact, you may have already been taught how in a self-defense class a few years back. 

To use pepper spray, all you need to do is simply point and shoot. Take the nozzle, position the sprayer at your assailant's face/eyes, and press the button. Just remember, if your spray has a safety option, you'll need to turn it off in addition to these steps. 

After you've hit your target, it's now time to flee. Find a safe space or person and call for help ASAP. The spray may affect you, leaving you foggy-brained or with burning eyes.

Just remember this is normal and you should not freak out.

What About Animals? 

At this point, it is clear that pepper spray can be used on humans trying to attack you, but it can also be used on animals as well. Obviously, you cannot go around spraying random beings in the eyes. But if you were jogging, walking, or simply minding your own business and felt threatened you could use it.

The spray should be used the same way as always. It would also have a similar effect on the animal that it does on humans and give you enough time to find a safe place. 

Does Pepper Spray Expire?

Like any other man-made item, pepper spray does have an expiration. Usually, this is around the two-year mark, but you can find the specific date on the canister or packaging. If you notice your spray is expired, purchase a new one as soon as possible. 

It might work once it is expired, but the effect will not be as severe or long-lasting. 

Testing Pepper Spray

You should also perform routine tests on your pepper spray to make sure it sprays correctly. The last thing you need is for it not to work in an emergency. You can do this by going outside on a non-windy day and spraying it (if there is a little gust present spray in the direction the wind is going).

When you spray it, look and feel for any signs that the nozzle is sticking or broken. If you notice any issue with your can, try fixing it or purchasing a new can. 

When Is Pepper Spray Age-Appropriate? 

Pepper spray was designed for people 18 (college age) or older, meaning women under the age of 18 cannot purchase it for themselves. Despite this fact, pepper spray is a great tool for teen defense and should be given to girls once they begin driving or going out alone. Just remember, some states have different pepper spray laws than others; you'll look into yours to ensure you or your family aren't illegally carrying it. 

In other words, women should begin carrying pepper spray around age 15. If you've made it to your college years (or farther) without a can of your own, purchase it. Women, especially in college, are at risk every day and need this protection in their daily life. 

If you can, gift your daughter, granddaughter, self, etc.) as soon as possible. Being proactive is the least harmful thing you can do.

Advanced Pepper Spray 

When it comes to self-defense, something is always better than nothing. This means plain pepper spray will help you, but there are more advanced versions that can provide additional protection. Some pepper sprays have flashlights, alarms, sharp ends, or GPS trackers as well. 

Generally, the more advanced the spray, the better. Find pepper sprays that utilize modern technology, Bluetooth, and emergency contact features. These will secretly alert family members in the event of a kidnapping, assault, or emergency. 

This is great in situations where you cannot stop and call for help; press a button and the spray will do it for you. 

Protect Yourself

In need of pepper spray? Get a can or two now. Trust us, the sooner you protect yourself the better.  

If you're looking for an age-appropriate pepper spray with additional safety features, give Fazer Defense a chance. Our military-grade modern pepper spray contains strobe lights, GPS tracking, defense alarms, and invisible dye. All while providing traditional pepper spray protection.

Visit our website to learn more about our product, mission, read customer reviews, and purchase a pepper spray of your own.

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