Is Pressurized Pepper Spray More Effective Than Pepper Spray Bottles

Many people seek the best way to defend themselves against an attacker. A technology that has been around for over a decade is pressurized pepper spray. Because it is widely used and has many advantages, it's time to take a closer look at what pressurized pepper spray offers.

Pepper spray is an effective deterrent that causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, coughing, and a burning sensation. These effects can last fifteen to sixty minutes, giving ample time to escape.

Pepper spray bottles and key chains provide discreet self-protection and are an increasingly popular form of self-defense, however pressurized pepper spray contains enough liquid to stop not just one person but a whole gang of attackers. The best pressurized pepper sprays are durable, lightweight, and easy to use. They also include other deterrents like UV dyes and LED lights to help law enforcement identify attackers.


Pressurized pepper sprays are usually small enough to be concealed and are often a more powerful option. They use the same concept as the liquid traditional pepper spray. The biggest difference is the strength and range at which the pressurized pepper sprays shoot. Pressurized pepper sprays typically offer twice the range of traditional mini pepper spray bottles and often hold more liquid, allowing them to engage multiple attackers quickly and accurately at longer distances.


There are more advanced pressurized pepper sprays than others. These advanced sprays have GPS tracking, alert up to 5 emergency contacts with your exact location and voice messaging abilities, invisible dyes to mark an attacker, blinding lights with combined 100 lumens, and a deafening alarms.


Pressurized pepper sprays offer advantages over traditional mini pepper spray bottles. Investing in pressurized pepper spray gives the edge needed when it comes to self-defense. While shopping, it is wise to choose a trusted brand of pepper spray. Shop Fazer Defense for the best pepper spray on the market.

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