Self-Defense Techniques and Safety Tips for College Students

Self-defense should be taken seriously, especially for students. Whether it's your first year in college or your third, returning to school can be stressful, making your safety on campus easy to overlook.

This post will cover some basic measures you can take to have a safer college experience, including three self-defense techniques should someone dare attack you.
First, let's look at some basic safety tips you should employ throughout the school year. 

  • Never leave a party alone.
  • Always use the buddy system when walking at night and stay in well-lit areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: keep your eyes up and your phone in your pocket.
  • Do not excessively share your location through social media apps.
  • Lock car and dorm room doors at all times.
  • Know your way around campus and its surrounding city.

    Next, we'll learn some self-defense skills, so you'll be prepared should the threat of violence emerge.

    Fazer Defense Spray

    Fazer is your first line of defense when escaping an attacker. An innovative must-have, Fazer is so unique it deserves bullet points. Here's how Fazer keeps you safe: 

    • GPS technology that alerts five emergency contacts to your exact location.
    • An ear-splitting 125-decibel alarm.
    • Strobe light with 100 powerful lumens to disorient attackers.
    • Invisible blacklight dye that marks the attacker.
    • Non-lethal personal protection strong enough to stop an attacker.

      The Hammer Strike

      Make a fist and bring it down like a hammer on an attacker's head. Keep your hips level and your knees bent a bit for a stronger stance and better balance. Don't swing your arm windmill-style because an assailant might have time to block the strike or move out the way. Also, this move can be done with a key protruding from the bottom of your fist for added damage.

      Elbow Strike

      You can execute this strike from several positions, either swinging your elbow forward or sweeping it back. Bend the arm at the elbow and aim for the neck, chin, jaw, or cheek. 

      Fazer Defense offers a wide variety of innovative personal protection products designed to help you stay safe. Shop our life-saving technology today for a non-lethal alternative to personal protection. Be prepared. Stay safe on campus.

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