Features to Look for in Self-Defense Devices

Features to Look for in Self-Defense Devices

If you are ever in a position where you have to walk alone in the dark, you know how daunting it can be. It makes sense to carry some type of self-defense protection. There are many non-lethal products with features designed to keep you safe, such as Fazer pepper spray fog. Which features are important to you?

Fazer Pepper Spray Fog

Pepper spray fog is a popular choice with runners and others who need something lightweight and easy to use in the event of an attack. Traditional sprays are most effective when the wind is blowing toward your attacker, but foam substances help keep you in control. The painful effects distract an attacker, allowing you to flee to safety.

GPS and Bluetooth Tracking

Calling 911 is the standard response when you are attacked, but it's nice for those who care about you most to know when they're needed. You can carry a device that sends your location to whomever you choose for your emergency contacts:

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Significant other
  • Best friend
  • Trusted neighbors

Loud Alarms

An alarm is an excellent tool for grabbing the attention of anyone in your vicinity. It may also startle the attacker and discourage his or her egregious behavior. You can use the element of surprise to help you escape.

Flashing Lights

Another key feature of many self-defense devices is a flashing strobe light. This can impede the vision of attackers. While they are temporarily blinded, you can run away.

Invisible Dye

Any pepper spray fog is going to irritate the skin and leave behind evidence of its use. A product with invisible dye takes this one step further. When viewed under a black light, the dye can help law enforcement identify your attacker and bring him or her to justice.

No matter what features you want, Fazer Defense has a product that can help you feel safer when you are out at night. Check out the website to see testimonials and find a product you love.

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