Fazer Self-Defense Pepper Spray - We Hope You Never Need It

The key to self-defense is preparation.

As a woman, this preparation must include understanding the likelihood that you will find yourself in an unsafe, scary, and even dangerous position at some point in your life. At Fazer Defense, we are committed to being there for you with the personal safety products you need to stay safe. Self-defense spray can give you the advantage you need in an attack, and Fazer Defense Ultimate Pepper Spray has all the features and technology you need to stop your assailant so you can get to safety. Our product will stun your attacker with military-grade pepper spray, alert those around you with an ear-shattering alarm and notify your contacts of your exact location.  

Know the Dangers

Unfortunately, most violence against women is domestic violence, but women also face increased threats of sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, and even dating violence. In many cases, if you are in a dangerous situation, it is likely with someone you know intimately and not a stranger lunging from the bushes. Regardless of the assailant, you should prepare and plan to protect yourself at all times.

Don't Become a Target

In some cases, dangerous situations can be avoided with situational awareness and planning.

  • Always watch your back-Be conscious of your surroundings, and don't allow an aggressor to sneak up on you from behind. 
  • Vary your routine-Predators rely on your schedule, so change it when possible. Switching the time you go to the gym or the day you run errands could easily thwart an attack.
  • Carry yourself with confidence-You can stop an attack before it starts by walking with confidence and purpose. Everyone around you, including predators, should clearly see that you are aware of your surroundings and paying attention. 
Protect Yourself with Pepper Spray

If you do find yourself in a bad situation, you have to protect yourself. Draw as much attention to your situation as possible, but don't rely on anyone else to come to your aid. Be prepared to injure your assailant enough to secure your escape to safety. A couple of defense techniques you may want to remember:

  • Target the groin area and eyes to stun your attacker so you can get away.
  • Use anything you can as a weapon; your keys, a rock, even your phone.
  • Use the palm of your hand to deliver a forceful blow to your attacker's nose. 
  • Do Not Panic. Stay in control and use your preparation to your advantage. 
  • Always carry pepper spray for self-defense.

In these situations, you will want a reliable self-defense product ready for use. Our self-defense pepper spray is the best and most capable on the market and will work flawlessly in the unfortunate event you need to rely on it. 

Upgrade Your Self-Defense with Fazer Defense

Fazer Defense offers the perfect pepper spray for women. It is small and lightweight, so you can keep it at hand no matter what you are doing. Fazer Defense patented pepper spray is a superior self-defense pepper spray because of its advanced features. This personal safety product is equipped with GPS tracking and alerts up to 5 emergency contacts with your exact location and a voice message when used. It has invisible dye to mark an attacker, blinding lights with combined 100 lumens, and a deafening alarm. We are here for you and want to be a trusted partner in your safety and preparation. Contact us today for more information and shop Fazer Defense personal safety products for the best patented pepper spray on the market. 

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