Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Pepper spray is a great self-defense tool that you can carry with you wherever you go. You can attach it to a keychain, place it in your purse or bag, or even keep it in your long pockets. Doing this will give you peace of mind and help you evade dangerous situations. We have put together a best pepper spray for self-defense review so that you can make a more informed purchase decision. 

#1 Fazer Defense GPS Pepper Spray

Fazer Defense is the best reliable pepper spray for self-defense. It is suitable for most average users because it has a long shelf life and has a convenient design. This spray is based on a police grade dispersal so it has a longer range and is effective even in windy conditions. It comes in a can with a protective lid to avoid accidental dispersal but is easily accessible in case of an emergency. And the best part is this pepper spray comes GPS tracking, Blinding lights, Ear screeching sirens, and UV marking dye so that attackers can be later identified.

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#2 Mace Brand Mini Keychain Pepper Spray

This is what we call a "Budget" pepper spray is specifically designed such that it can be attached to your keychain without making it too bulky. Its canister is only a few inches long and has the width of a pencil. The spray is usually not as effective and less potent. There is also no GPS, Strobe Light, Sirens, or UV marking dye.

#3 Fox Labs Mean Green 

This pepper spray is known for the bright green dye it uses to mark the attackers. It is NOT UV-based so the green marking will even show without the need for special light lamps. The attacker will have to put in a lot of effort to wash the green color off their body and clothes which will help the law enforcement to easily identify them. There is also no GPS, Strobe Light, Sirens, or UV marking dye.

What is best self-defense for women stun gun, pepper spray or loud alarm?

When picking a self-defense tool, women often face difficulty in choosing between the different available options. 

Our recommendation is Fazer Defense but let us highlight some pros and cons so that it is easier for you to decide. A stun gun requires you to get close to your attacker and then give them the electric shock. This is not ideal for all situations as reducing the distance between you and your attacker can cause you trouble. The loud alarm, on the other hand, is great for attracting attention towards you however if you are in a secluded area then it can prove to be useless. The pepper spray can be used from the long-range unlike the stun gun and it can immediately stop your attacker unlike the loud alarm so the pepper spray is indeed the best self-defense weapon out of these three.

What is best for self-defense pepper spray or taser?

A taser has a lot of power and it can be used over the long-range as well. However, carrying and concealing a taser is much more difficult than pepper spray. Additionally, the taser is a bit on the expensive side while the pepper spray is way more affordable. So if discretion, convenience, and affordability are important to you then pepper spray is the way to go.


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