Benefits of Carrying a Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon

Using lethal force, even in self-defense, is a legally and ethically complex decision. At what point is causing fatal injury justified? There is no perfect answer, but we'd argue that one should at least use non-lethal force if it can solve the same problem.

Join us today for a discussion on non-lethal self-defense. We'll review why carrying a non-lethal defense option is a good idea, comparing it to both traveling unarmed and traveling armed with more lethal weapons. 

Nature is Unfair

Did you know the average adult man in the United States is about five inches taller than the average adult woman? Men also tend to be heavier and stronger.

Nature is not fair. A person born small, even well-trained, will always have a somewhat hard time fighting against a fit and taller person. 

This is even more true if we include children in the equation. The average adult is so much stronger than the average child that any fight between the two is decided at the start.

Unfortunately, some of the worst types of criminals specifically target women and children. It is also easy for most people to identify if a given person seems significantly weaker than themselves, assuming they don't just attack in a group.

Keep all the above in mind as we discuss the nature of carrying weapons. We can admit this dynamic is unfair and upsetting without ignoring the reality of it.

Why Not Go Unarmed?

Next, we begin by tackling the most obvious question one should ask before buying any weapon: Is this necessary? Can I do without a weapon?

Whether one likes it or not, we live in an armed society. The United States and much of the rest of the world make it easy for anyone who wants to get some kind of weapon, if not a firearm, to do so. 

This is also, to some degree, an unsolvable problem. Specifics like the gun debate aside, knives and baseball bats are here to stay. If someone wants to do harm, they can find a way to do it.

In the past decade, most people who buy and own guns are doing so for self-defense. Yet little is known about actual defensive gun use in the USA. (NCBI)

If you ever have to face an attacker who is using a weapon, fighting them unarmed is a losing battle. Even trained fighters know the odds weigh against them in such a situation.

Against two or more armed attackers, an unarmed attacker can only hope to run. Life is not like fiction. Multiple attackers with weapons can do immense harm to your body, causing permanent damage even if you survive.

Lethal Weapons Approach and the Other Extreme

If we accept that carrying a weapon may make us safer, the next question is what weapon should one carry. In the United States, many people default to either a knife or a firearm. 

When it comes to protecting oneself, these weapons can be effective. However, they also escalate. Knives, guns, and even blunt objects like clubs do serious harm and can leave permanent injuries, even if the target isn't killed.

It also bears mentioning that most purported uses of firearms in self-defense seem to actually be a case of their misuse. Two surveys of various people who used guns believing it to be self-defense found their use was actually illegal when their stories, even likely biased in their favor, were examined by a legal expert.

Whatever one's moral stance on the use of lethal force, it increases the likelihood of legal trouble after its use. These cases can be time-consuming and expensive, even if they end in your favor.

By their nature, lethal weapons also require more and better practice than non-lethal options. A non-lethal weapon can maim or kill not only a perceived threat if misused, but also yourself and those around you.

Non lethal Self-defense with Fazer Defense

Non-lethal self-defense options represent, in our minds, the logical meeting point of moral responsibility and safety. These weapons do less permanent harm, allowing them to be used on a wider range of threats where lethal force may be inappropriate or otherwise unnecessary. 

These weapons also sharply reduce your ability to generate legal trouble for yourself. As long as you maintain basic discipline and only use them in self-defense, you are much more unlikely to experience serious legal trouble compared to something like a knife or firearm.

It was our focus on this category of weapon that lead to the development of the GPS Tracking Pepper Spray fog. This robust tool does a few things to repel attackers at once, all while non-lethal harm that should almost always be fully reversible with time and treatment.

In addition to working as one would expect of a typical military-grade pepper spray fog device, our GPS Tracking Pepper Spray fog:

  • Uses three strobe lights upon activation to blind the target
  • Begins to emit a 125 decibel alarm, hurting the target's ears and drawing attention to the attack site
  • Sprays the target with a dye only visible under a UV light, marking the target likely without their knowledge
  • Delivers a voice and text message to five contacts detailing your location via GPS and Bluetooth technology

We designed the device to be easy to carry and intuitive to use, so any person in need could quickly gain the ability to defend themselves.

Self Defense Takes Many Forms

Non-lethal self-defense is not what first comes to mind when people imagine stopping an attacker. However, defense takes many forms and can be effective without being lethal. 

Defending the vulnerable is a cause important to our company. If you want to help defend yourself or someone you care about, but are rightfully discomforted by the idea of doing permanent harm, we can offer a solution.

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