3 Self-Defense Techniques That Can Keep You Safe

Do you think you could defend yourself if you were attacked? Sometimes, just because you feel strong or can handle a tough workout doesn't mean you know how to defend yourself.


Self-defense starts with self-awareness and preventive strategies even before reacting to the attack. Also, learning self-defense techniques increases your confidence in threatening situations. 


This post will cover some basic measures you can take in the event of an attack, including three self-defense techniques intended to help you breakaway from a threat and make it to safety.


Fazer Defense Spray

Fazer is your first line of defense when escaping an attacker. An innovative must-have, Fazer is so unique it deserves bullet points. Here's how Fazer keeps you safe: 


  • GPS technology that alerts five emergency contacts to your exact location
  • An ear-splitting 125-decibel alarm
  • Strobe light with 100 powerful lumens to disorient attackers
  • Invisible blacklight dye that marks the attacker
  • Non-lethal personal protection strong enough to stop an attacker


The Ear Slap

This technique involves cupping your hand and slamming your palm into the attacker's ear. The slap sends a blast of air that pressures their ear canal and throws off their equilibrium. 

The ear slam stuns your opponent, giving you some seconds to run away from the attack. If you hit them hard enough, you could rupture their eardrum and leave them in extreme pain allowing you a chance to escape.


Head Attack

The head attack involves striking your attacker's head directly or hitting the base of their skull, throat, or face. Striking the head confuses the attacker and may cause dizziness for some seconds, helping you run away. A good blow on the head is very effective, no matter the size of your attacker.

Fazer Defense offers a wide variety of innovative personal protection products designed to help you stay safe. Shop our life-saving technology today for a non-lethal alternative to personal protection. Be prepared. Stay safe on campus.


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