12 Self-Defense Tips For Women Working As Bartenders

We live in a very dangerous time and women are often looked at as easy targets from aggressive and creepy men. This reigns even more true for female bartenders, due to their profession these women often go home at late hours and deal with drunk and aggressive men. 

Women need to know how to use self-defense tactics and stay alert. Don't be a victim, by learning self-defense skills can help you avoid harm.  

Self-defense allows women to develop confidence and find safety in difficult and potentially dangerous situations. Keep reading to learn 12 tips to keep you safe in a potentially dangerous situation. 

1. Utilize Body Language

As a bartender, you will often deal with creepy men who are under the influence. It is common to be told by management to flirt to get tips or keep a customer buying drinks. A little harmless flirting can cause a drunk to become fixated on you, it's truly disgusting. 

However, being a woman is a reality you have to deal with. That is why it's important to cognitively use your body language to dissuade pervs from targeting you. 

By walking and moving with confidence you can show that you are not an easy target. Stand tall and walk with your shoulder back, this will help your lungs receive more oxygen and show a display of strength. 

2. Always Be Aware of Your Environment

You constantly need to be aware of your surroundings. If you see a potential danger you will be able to mentally and physically prepare to defend yourself. If you are unaware of your situation it is more likely you will wander into a dangerous situation. 

It seems natural to be on alert when you are walking to your car after a closing shift. However many times as a bartender, you need to be aware of your environment all of the time. 

3. Utilize Code Words 

Many bars have even begun providing code words for women to use when they feel unsafe. These are angel shots. Embedding these codes into a bar scene can help keep women safe. 

Although these code words are helpful and are universally used for patrons across many bars in the United States, there’s not an equivalent for bartenders. As a female bartender, you should discuss with people you trust on your staff to create a codeword system of your own. This can keep you from teaching with a patron who makes you feel uncomfortable and keep you safe.

If you don’t have the chance to call 911 or text someone you can discreetly message an SOS. This is very helpful if you’re in a public setting and don’t want to draw additional attention. You can contact someone you trust that has your location alert them.

4. Have Your Keys on Hand 

The time that women spend digging through their purses for their keys is time that they leave themselves vulnerable. While you are rummaging through your purse your defenses are down.

A simple way to keep yourself safe is to always have your keys on hand. Being able to quickly get into your car and drive off or quick leaking access to your building can help keep you safe.

Grabbing your keys before you leave the bar or your car can hasten your getaway and keep you alert.

5. Always Have Your Phone Charged

Always have your phone charged. If you work late at the bar always make sure you have a phone charger and one in your vehicle. Having quick access to alerting the authorities can deter an attacker.

Ensuring that you have the ability to call 911 or unless the aid of security applications is very helpful. There are several modern security apps that you can use to track your movements and send a distress signal.

Another simple solution is to share your location with a few trusted friends. This can help make sure someone has access to your location in real-time.

6. Practice Self Defense Moves

It’s important to know certain defensive tactics to fend off an attacker. Here are a few simple rules to make sure that your blows can be impactful to help you get away.

Always make sure that your fist is clenched properly. You do not want your thumb to be exposed but you do not want it to be hidden under your fingers. It can cause caused damage to your thumb.

Try to hit with your elbow, knee, and fist. These areas can be used to hit with considerable force. 

7. Know Vital Target Area

If you’re being attacked it’s important to target the vulnerable areas of the body. This is the solar plexus, instep, nose, and groin. Targeting these areas will cause pain to the attacker and help you get away.

The solar plexus is the area right below the ribs. This area is usually tender and easy to strike. It could help you get away by knocking the wind out of the attacker.

By striking the instep he will be able to cause serious damage and reduce their ability to chase after you. If you are wearing heels or any sort of heavy sure you can cause instant damage.

If you hit your attacker in the nose you might be able to break it because this area is made of soft cartilage. This will cause serious pain and requires little force.

By hitting your attack or in the groin you can temporarily immobilize your opponent. This will give you ample time to run away.

8. Learn Escape Tactics 

When it comes to self-defense it’s important to get out of an attacker’s holds. Hackers may choose to grab you by the hair, wrist, or neck. By knowing how to escape these holds you have an opportunity to run.

The attacker grabbed you by the hair you can grab the attacker's hands with your hands to regain control. Typically your hair will direct your entire body so by grabbing your hands you can regain direction.

If the attacker grabs you by the rest you can rotate your hand towards the attacker's thumbs. This will loosen the grip and help you quickly get your hand out of their grasp.

If you’ve been grabbed by the throat you have the opportunity to jab him in the groin or poke their eyes to disorient them.

9. Equip Yourself with Tools 

As someone who works the hours important to always have self-defense tools on hand. You can get pepper spray fog, a taser, alarm, or keychain baton, or knuckles.

The primary purpose of non-lethal self-defense tools is to have them on hand in case of an assailant. These tools can all go on your keychain and be readily available in case you’re attacked as you’re leaving the bar.

Pepper spray fog causes burning, pain in tears when it comes into contact with the person’s eyes. This is personal protection that you can use to deter assailants.

Once contact is made a taser device will deliver a significant electric shock to your assignment. This shop will affect the attacker’s muscles and stun them, depending on the strength of the taxer this may be able to help you get away.

By having an alarm on your keys you can draw attention to the scene of the attack. Some keychain alarms will also alert the authorities and ping your location.

Having a keychain baton can help you and a confrontation quickly and effectively without being particularly strong. Having brass knuckles on your keychain can also help you strengthen each of your blows. These self-defense tools can amplify your defense hits to make a greater impact.

10. Keep Your Co-Workers Informed 

If you’re a bartender it’s important that you have open line communication with your other coworkers. If a particular patron is hit on you, or staring, or make creepy comments you should alert someone of the suspicious behavior.

Communicating with your coworkers can help you to prevent an attack. It’s also beneficial to make sure that you have another person watching this character.

11. Use Your Voice

Sometimes all that it takes is your voice to end an attack. By taking a deep breath and screaming NO, HELP, or STOP! You can draw attention to the assailant and possibly cause them to flee.

This can also startle the attacker and give you a moment to recompose your bearings to fight them off.

12. Trust Your Gut

As a bartender, you’ve probably seen the gambit. You’ve probably seen overly sexual, sloppy, and aggressive drunks. So when you feel uncomfortable because that guy from across the bar has been staring at you all night or is clearly waiting for your shift to end speak up.

In these situations, you need to trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask the bouncer to walk you to your car, or even to take you home. Defending yourself and staying alert starts with trusting your instincts.

Protect Yourself by Prioritizing Self-Defense 

Prioritizing your self-defense is important. Whether you work at night or in the day it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. Someone who may not seem threatening to you might actually be an attacker waiting for the perfect moment.

By always staying alert and being fully prepared you can evade or escape and attack. We have an array of tools and services for you to keep yourself safe.

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