Protect Yourself as a Woman Who Works Late

Protect Yourself as a Woman Who Works Late

If you’re a woman who consistently works late, it’s important that you be able to defend yourself from any potential attackers lurking nearby. They may have been watching you for a while, learning your routine, waiting for their opportunity to strike. This is a situation where Fazer Pepper Spray Fog may help keep you safe.


Fazer Pepper Spray Fog 

Fazer Defense is a pepper spray fog with a bunch of extra features to help protect women who work late.

  • First, when you use Fazer Defense, it will send messages to up to five emergency contacts, letting them know exactly where you are and that you’re in trouble. 
  • Second, the pepper spray is accompanied by bright, flashing lights, designed to disorient your attacker. 
  • Third, in addition to the lights, there’s a loud siren to confuse your attacker further, while alerting people nearby that something is going on.


Self-Defense Classes

Good self-defense classes can be vital for women who work late. There are a number of vital skills for you to study.

  • You’ll learn how to walk, talk, and carry yourself to deter would-be attackers. 
  • Teachers will demonstrate different strikes, such as punches and kicks, and when it’s appropriate to use them. 
  • You’ll discover the most vulnerable parts of the body and how to exploit their weaknesses. 
  • Instructors will put you in different holds, including grabbing your neck from the front and back, grasping your hair, and catching you around the waist, so that they can then teach you how to get out of those situations.


As a woman, when you have to work late, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times, including knowing what people may be lurking in the shadows.

Buying Fazer Defense pepper spray fog and taking self-defense classes may be the difference between you getting home safely or not making it home at all.

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