Protect Yourself: 7 Self-Defense Tips for Women on College Campuses


It's no secret that women are usually the first targets for harassment. There's hardly a woman on earth who has been able to walk down the street without being beeped at or cat-called. Unfortunately, cat-calls and beeping are only the beginning of the problems women face. 

One of the most difficult spots for females to navigate is a college campus. These campuses often see dozens of attacks on women every semester. This is the reason that you need to be alert and ready to defend yourself in the event of danger. 

If you're a student on campus, it's time to familiarize yourself with forms of self-defense tips for women. Below you will five 7 different areas you should consider every time you step foot on the college green. These will help you to feel your safest if things begin to go south. 

1. Always Lock Your Doors

You should be in the habit of locking your doors after you gather your belongings and get out of your vehicle. By doing this, you make it so that no one can get into your car when it is unattended. It is a way to protect yourself from an assailant waiting for you to come back to your car. 

Most cars have a locking keyfob that makes it as easy as hitting the button. If your car lacks this feature, make sure you are taking the time to assure that all of your doors are locked when you leave it to go to class or other campus events. 

2. Avoid Walking Alone

One of the best ways to avoid a confrontation on campus is to not walk alone. When you're on campus, try to walk in pairs and groups to make it less likely that a possible assault could happen. Walking with others reduces your risk of possible injury. 

If you're walking along at night, make sure that there is someone with you. When you are alone and vulnerable is when most of the assault cases on campuses tend to take place. 

3. Know Your Way Around Campus 

College campus safety includes knowing your way around campus. This will not only help you to avoid not getting lost on your way to class, but it is also a self-defense tactic. By knowing where you're going, getting from point A to point B won't take you time or worry. 

Unfortunately, not knowing your way around campus can make you vulnerable to harmful situations. Protect yourself by looking at a map beforehand. Be sure that you have a general idea of where you should be whenever you're on campus. 

4. Leave Your Location off of Social Media

Social media makes you an easy target if you're constantly geotagging yourself in places. One of the greatest self-defense tips is to not document your life and let people know where you are every second of the day. This can help you to avoid a risky situation. 

Many attackers often stalk their victims. They can bookmark your social media, and if you're constantly letting the general public know where you are, they have a very easy way of tracking you down and finding you. Protecting yourself in this way could mean avoiding a possible assault. 

5. Improvise Weapons if Needed 

When it comes to self-defense for women, one of the best possible tips to live by is to always have something on you that can be turned into a weapon. Defense items such as whistles and pepper spray are two of the easiest items to carry around at all times. These items could come in very handy. 

Pepper spray will incapacitate your assailant. By injuring his eyes, you have the chance to escape while he flails trying to see. Having a high grade of pepper spray will give you a longer window to run. 

A whistle, on the other hand, alerts those around you that something is wrong and you need help. One of the college safety tips that most offices give is to always carry a whistle on you in an emergency. 

6. Have an Emergency Number Available 

A great feature of most cell phones is the ability to go into emergency mode. Be sure to have your phone easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Most phones should have a feature where a phrase or a couple of swipes unlocks an emergency call without too much effort. 

Adversely, in addition to pepper spray, it is a great idea to also have an emergency contact on your phone that you can call if there is a problem. This reliable person can be called if there is a problem and you require fast assistance from a situation. 

7. Be Ready for the Worst 

The most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is to always be prepared for something to happen. Don't leave your home without pepper spray; always lock your car doors, and have an emergency number ready to contact. Prepare yourself by taking a self-defense class

By being prepared for something to happen, you have yourself ready if it does. You will be able to best handle the situation and defend yourself should you need to. 

Follow These Self-Defense Tips for Women

These self-defense tips for women could be the tip that helps you get out of a dangerous situation. Always be aware of your surroundings, and when you can, do not walk anywhere alone. These precautions will help you have the best chance when it comes to staying safe and defending yourself. 

While these tips are helpful, it is always more helpful to have something on you to defend yourself. That's where we come in. Review our products and find what will work best for you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, we'd be happy to help you out with them. Take a look at our products for all of your self-defense needs. 

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