Best Self Defense Weapon Besides Gun

When we think of self-defense weapons, a gun is the first thing that comes to mind. A gun is great for scaring attackers off and protecting yourself from malicious intent. However, a gun operates with a lethal force which can lead to some extreme outcomes. That is why many people don't want to own a gun and look for non-lethal self-defense weapons. So this forces us to ask the question what is the best self-defense weapon besides a gun? We have taken the time to research the available options and put together a list of the best self-defense weapons besides gun.

Credit Card Knife

As the name suggests, it is a knife that is disguised as a credit card. If someone is trying to snatch money from you, you can take out your wallet while pretending that you will hand over your cash. Then you can take out your credit card knife and hit the offender with brute force. While the offender will be processing this turn of events, you can take this narrow window to flee to a safe place.

Strike light

It is a flashlight that has a sturdy and long build so that it can function as a baseball bat as well. Its LED is very powerful that operates on multiple light modes. It also has a mode where the flashlight goes into a strobe setting which can disorient the attacker while you continue to strike them with it. The strike light enables you to intimidate the person threatening you and stop them before the situation can get any more serious. It is built from aluminum and has sharp endpoints which can cause intense physical pain to the attacker. The length of the strike light can be further extended in case you want to go all out. 

Self-Defense Keychain

It is a set of brass knuckles in the shape of a bulldog that can also be used as a keychain. You can conceal it in your bag or purse so it is one of the best easy self-defense weapon besides gun. It may seem harmless to some but it has proven to do some serious damage when used with force. It causes deep pains on the point of contact and can be even more effective if you manage to land a blow to your attacker’s facial area.

Sap Cap

If you often wonder besides a gun, what is the best self-defense weapon then the Sap Cap is the answer to your question. It is lined with a dense material like lead which allows you to land a brutal strike on your attacker. A firm swing of the sap cap can cause severe bruises so it is ideal to defend yourself in a tough situation.  

Tactical pen

These are pens that can be used for the normal day writing purposes however they have a strong and pointy build like a baton so you can use them to fight off any threat. You can always carry the tactical pen in your pocket or purse and nobody suspects it due to the harmless look. These are perfect if you want something affordable, non-lethal, and convenient. 

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