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A Public Plea To All Dads With Daughters

How This Self Defence Spray Helps Me Sleep At Night

Saturday, January 30 

by Tony Miller

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"I'm a 65 year old dad, and I just want my daughter to be safe, and now I know she is"

This is a public plea, if you’re a father like myself…you’ll want to hear what I have to say. Nothing to me is more important than family, and their safety. I’m blessed to have a young daughter (recently turned 16 and just in 11th grade) and my rock, my beautiful wife and best friend. 

I’m not a pessimistic person, I am prone to worry…and like any father I’m protective of what I have. I like to think I'm not too much, but one can’t put a price on safety. My daughter is getting to that age where she’s becoming a young woman, later evenings out with her friends and missing curfews (we’ve all been there I know). As her dad, I want to know she’s always safe. The gut wrenching feeling I get when she’s not back at curfew is something that I think will never truly go away. I get the same when Meg (my wife) goes out dancing until 4am and she’s in her late 50’s!

Better Safe Than Sorry

I’ve always been vigilant, and I have Meg and Hannah on the ‘Find my friends’ app. However, It’s not enough for me to know where they are, I want to know they can protect themselves god forbid anything were to happen. That’s why I've been on the lookout for a personal protection device, something easy to reach for in self defense if ever they need it when I’m not there to help. I want something that gives me peace of mind when they’re out alone.

So during my search a few months ago I came across Fazer Defense and was immediately impressed with its features. The pepper spray has an 18-foot range, a 125 decibel alarm, and strobe lights that are specifically designed to blind and disorientate any attacker. As soon as Meg or Hannah press the spray, the GPS tracking is sent to up to 5 emergency contacts through the FREE app included. But here’s the best part, the pepper spray itself contains an invisible dye that can help law enforcement identify the attacker.

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If you aren't using Fazer Defense you will want to after reading this!

So, being the protective dad that I am, I got two for my girls. And my life has been so much better since, I know they’re safe when they’re out…and they have something to guarantee it. It has given me the peace of mind that my wife and daughter can defend themselves if ever they need to.

Now, I write this letter because I know it’s not just my family that can benefit from Fazer Defense. It's designed for anyone who needs personal protection, men, women, children, college students, travelers, remote workers, runners, and nurses. Everyone should have a personal safety plan in place, and Fazer Defense is a crucial part of that plan.

With Fazer Defense, there are no additional fees after purchase, and the app comes included and is 100% free. If Meg or Hannah ever need to use the pepper spray against an attacker, the lights, sirens, and pepper spray are activated automatically at the same time. All they need to do is press to defend themselves and run, and don’t stop running.
  • “This is not just your regular pepper spray as it's a small and portable package with a strong punch of features. Disabling spray (& refillable/replaceable), blinding light, GPS tracker, UV ink, and text alerts is actually a lot to take in, but if you want safety features, you got it. They may have forgotten to include a switch blade along with this, but that's probably not going to be legal. If so, this is the pepper spray you'd want during a zombie apocalypse. Kidding aside, this is the most versatile pepper spray I've come across with so far though I understand that the price point is what will hinder most from getting this. I hope it comes down so that more will be enticed to avail of the safety features this product has to offer. The casing is plasticky, I would have preferred more heft but if it works, it's fine. The size is a bit bigger than regular pepper sprays so planning is needed when carrying this concealed. It is a good spray to carry on vehicles for defense, or for outdoor activities. It's a crazy world out there and being prepared sometimes makes a lot of difference”

    – Deanna B
    Verified Customer

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How The Fazer Defense Spray Works

125 DB
Equipped with an inbuilt alarm system, as soon as the user presses the spray button it triggers a piercing 125 decibel alarm to alert passers by and scare off any attackers.
The spray contains an invisible dye, not detectable to the naked eye that shows up under screening. This allows law enforcement to trace, track and detain any attacker.
Instantly transmit your location to 5 emergency contacts within your phone as soon as you press the spray. Within seconds your entire family know you're in danger and can trace your location
Now for me, $59.99 for the Fazer Defense is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that my family is safe and protected. Plus, with the option to buy Fazer Defense Refill and Fazer Black or Pink Jogging Straps, it's a convenient and cost-effective way to have it on them at all times. 

I reached out to the team at Fazer and asked if they could hook up my readers with a special discount code and they’ve agreed to offer a 20% off discount to anyone who wants it. All you have to do is click the button below and it’s automatically applied to your cart.
  • “I bought a Fazer Denfense as a precaution for my daughter when she went off to college, and now I have peace of mind knowing she has the most powerful non-lethal safeguard on the planet”

    – Mike H
    Verified Customer

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Guaranteed To Keep You Safe

Thousands of customers worldwide swear by Fazer Defense and carry it with them wherever they go, day or night.

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What Fazer Defense Customers Are Saying

  • “I'm a runner that has tried dozens of self defence devices and there is NOTHING like Fazer Defense. This technology is a MAJOR leap in personal protection”

    – Lexi J
    Verified Customer
  • “Fortunately my wife has never had to use this yet, but we now know she's very safe when coming back after her night shifts through the dodgy parts of town

    – Daniel
    Verified Customer

For a limited time, you can save up to 10% when you purchase with Fazer Defense

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